Brent Linx is a new service led by Safe in the City and Brent Community Safety and
Development Unit. It brings together a cluster of services that will help young people
that are:

• 13 - 18 years old
• Having serious arguments or are very unhappy at home
• Regularly not attending school, excluded or unemployed
• Feeling lonely, depressed or unsure of the future
• Keen to make positive choices and make life better

A key worker will guide each young person seamlessly through three elements within
the cluster scheme on a tailor made programme that meets their need.
  The three elements of the scheme are delivered by a partnership of three voluntary
sector gencies that have a proven track record locally of working effectively to support
young people at risk.

    The Depaul Trust is the lead partner, co-ordinating the scheme
and delivering skills and employability training that will help
young people achieve their potential by developing an individual
training plan, that boosts their qualifications, encourages
learning and helps with interview and employment skills as well
as addressing actual, or risk, of exclusion from school.


    Turnaround Mentoring Plus Brent deliver a personal development
programme that increases young people's confidence and self
esteem, helps identify strengths and gain independent living
skills, communications and team work skills in an exciting 14
week programme that offers a residential week outside London.


    Essence Counselling and Training Enterprise deliver support to
young people and their parents or carers, helping them to talk,
negotiate and manage their difficulties before or early in a crisis
so that young people can stay safely at home.

The scheme works voluntarily to help young people with their
route to independent living.
It gives young people the support, information and opportunities
to get there successfully.
  For further information on the Cluster schemes operating in London
and preventing youth homelessness visit

To contact Brent Linx
Tel 020 8961 0050 / Fax 020 8838 2531

To contact The Depaul Trust
Unit 54 The Designworks Park Parade Harlesden London NW10 4HT
Tel 020 8961 0050 / Fax 020 8838 2531